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The Art Collective of St. Petersburg First United Methodist Church is dedicated to creating opportunities and space for artists in the church and the community to come together in worship and fellowship. The Chapel Gallery will be open for viewing on Sundays and Thursdays during church hours. 

Contact Gina White if you are interested or have any questions:

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Whimsical Steam Punk


Grace Finds Wings


El Circo de Arturo


My Space, My Place


Jose Rodeiro


Flights of Fancy


The Gilbert Chapel Gallery creates a unique exhibition space in St. Petersburg. The Chapel, adorned with a series of stain glass windows and high wooden ceilings, unites century old history with modern elements. 



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Meet The Team

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Gina White

Gina is a mixed media artist, church and community volunteer, wife and mother of two teens.


She uses art to visually interpret philosophical writings, poetry, & songs, particularly Christian mystics such as Thomas Merton, St. Teresa of Avila, and C.S. Lewis, U2, and Mumford and Sons.  Since poetry is as subjective as fine art, she expresses her “visual reading” in an abstract style, leaving others to find their own meaning in the work.


Gina has embraced art as an important part of her existential exploration and is passionate about sharing the gift of art with others, as it is a powerful means for us all to learn, grow, create and share. 



Sue Rowe

My husband, Jimmy, and I are both Saint Petersburg natives and FUMC members since 1993. We have three children, one daughter-in-law, and a grandchild on the way!


In June, 2017, I retired from Shorecrest Preparatory School where I was the K-4  art teacher for 16 years. I now offer small group and private art lessons to children, teens, and adults at my studio in the Five Deuces Galleria.