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A Home Abounding in Joy


Most people get “joy” and “happiness” confused. Happiness is more of a feeling that we can create through circumstances. I’m happy when my dog greets me with a wagging tail at the door. I’m happy when the Bucs finally win a football game. I’m happy when I get to chill and not have to work so hard. Unhappiness is controlled by circumstances as well. I’m unhappy when my grandson eats the last pork rind. I’m unhappy when someone throws shade my way. I’m unhappy when things don’t go as planned. Happiness (and unhappiness) are based upon circumstances.


Joy on the other hand isn’t. Joy is what comes from God. It’s a gift; something that gives your life a lift and makes you feel like a million bucks. Joy remains no matter what. So the problem becomes we let circumstances get in our way and we confuse joy and happiness. Instead of remembering God brings us joy and joy lives in us, we lose sight of the greater good and get lost in chasing after happiness instead. The first Christmas the angels didn’t say to everyone they told about Jesus’ birth, “I bring you happiness…” They said, “I bring you great ‘JOY’!” There’s a difference.


I know the Christmas season can be a bummer, especially if happiness is the high value item you are looking for. Maybe it’s time to ditch the search for happiness and embrace the gift of Joy that comes from the Lord. It’s a gift that never ends.

— Pastor Bob


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