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Patti and I have been traveling for a couple weeks and really have enjoyed our time to refresh and renew. One of the places we went was Florence, Italy. We were walking by some of the great architectural masterpieces in the world and admiring the work of artists who were divinely gifted well before their time. We found ourselves going in and out of so many cathedrals, taking pictures and reliving history.

One of the sites that really grabbed my attention was the tomb of Michelangelo. He is buried beside Galileo Galilee (the great astronomer) and Rossini Machiavelli (a great philosopher of political ideas) in the Basilica of Santa Croce. All of these men made great contributions in life and all were hailed by their generation as persons of greatness.

Michelangelo sculpted the Pieta in Rome and the David in Florence. He also painted the Sistine Chapel’s ceilings and designed the dome for St. Peter’s Basilica. History will always remember Michelangelo for his contributions to the world of Christian art. But here's one thing you may not know about him; he was a genius, and he wanted everybody else to know it, too. A man who created such great art admired by the “church” was really one seeking his own fame. Isn’t it amazing despite that, God used Michelangelo for the greater glory!

— Pastor Bob


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