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Go Home and Love Your Family


When asked how to promote world peace, Mother Teresa responded, “Go home and love your family.” It sounds so simple and easy, doesn’t it? With the holidays just around the corner, the season of family get-togethers and gatherings is indeed upon us and for some of us, it’s a season of difficulty. Our very own families can be some of the toughest people to love sometimes. I think that’s why Mother Teresa said, “Go home and love your family,” when asked how to promote world peace. Just think about it. If we truly loved our family members, the world really would be a lot more of a peaceful place. It turns out that the New Testament writer, John, had a thing or two to say about loving our family members too. Specifically, in the second chapter of 1 John, John talks a lot about loving our Christian brothers and sisters that are not so easy to love. We’ve heard this time and time again: love one another as Christ has loved us. But what exactly does this mean? What is love and how can we love one another like Christ loves us? Even more so, how can we love others that are hard to love? The apostle John addresses these questions in our Scripture passage today. My prayer in the coming weeks ahead, during the Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas seasons, is that we can go home and not only love our immediate family members, but by the strength and power of the One who went before us, we can also love our brothers and sisters in Christ.

— Pastor Marge


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