Hurricane Ian closures at St. Pete First

The CHURCH OFFICE AND CAMPUS WILL BE CLOSED from Tuesday through close of business on Friday (watch the church website for further info).

ALL ACTIVITIES this week (from 6 pm Monday-Friday) are CANCELED due to the hurricane and its aftermath. We will evaluate Friday any damage or concerns of the campus that could affect Sunday worship.

The PRESCHOOL is open as usual on Monday (Sept. 26) until 6 pm and will be following the Pinellas County Schools closing schedule for the hurricane. At present, the preschool will be closed Tuesday through Friday. Keep updated through the Tadpole app.

In light of any power outages, church phones and media communication may be affected. We ask that everyone keep a close eye on their neighbors and help as needed.

Staying Safe:

Do you need to look up your evacuation zone? Go to this link:

For storm shelter and preparation information, visit:

Pinellas County 2022 All Hazards Preparedness Guide: