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Lenten Devotional: February 17, 2024

by John Harrison 

A Devotional

When one thinks of a devotional, naturally you think of what you are devoted to. What do I so deeply love that my life would shrink and shrivel without it. To express this to others, you are forced to examine the life you are living, the things you are doing, why you do them and the thoughts you have. When you honestly search your soul can you identify the one thing that connects and sustains the direction and destination you are traveling?  What is it in the core of your being that gives meaning to your life, the love of your life? That answer will be your devotional and it has a compelling power over us that draws our compass needle to its magnetic pole. 

I suggest that we should worship our devotion with gratitude and praise because of its intrinsic worth and value to us, which limits all choices except one; loving the Lord Jesus with all our heart, mind and strength. None of us love Jesus as much as we ought, but our journey’s direction and destination will continue to augment our devotion until we can say; “Yes Lord, you know I love you more than anything else, I love to live with you the master and keeper of my soul. 

Rightly being devoted to the Biblical Jesus, predicted and promised in the Old Testament, his becoming a living/breathing physical reality in life and death in the New Testament, coming to heal and save repentant sinners and share God’s everlasting Kingdom, is a devotional pleasing to God. If you love Jesus, listen to him and obey. Honking is not the answer. 


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