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Lenten Devotional: March 16, 2023

by John Harrison

It is impossible not to think of God in some fashion. We have a natural curiosity about God; where have we come from before birth and where are going after we die? We instinctively want to worship something greater than ourselves that helps us deal with what we will never understand or helps solve our human problems. The world does not make sense without a masterful creation and a destiny which demands a dependency on supernatural management far beyond human control. Any honest student of history will see multiple examples of divine intervention in the course of human events. Without the providence and protection of God, the faith, prayers, fasting and Christian services of our forefathers and mothers, we would not have survived as a fledging nation. They determined to be a nation under God’s authority. Certainly, Israel would not be in existence today if God had not ordained it. No other explanation is valid.

The only way God could effectively relate to humans was to supernaturally become human. People identify with a human model, not so much with a “golden calf.” Angels, cherubim, seraphim and Holy Spirit are in another league, demons as well. But what a perfect plan to learn firsthand; to walk, talk, eat, sleep, fellowship and be taught by the Creator of the Universe, then to witness the tyranny of a church/state politically contrive elimination of Christianity without any consideration for the supernatural intention and intervention of God. Christ’s resurrection is proof for faith in every word spoken by our Lord. The truth of God’s grace, forgiveness of sin, life everlasting, the certainty that Jesus will come again in the same way as he supernaturally ascended into the heavens on his last day on earth, all confirm that he was God in flesh and someone we can worship, follow and continue in daily fellowship.

We don’t like to make any sacrifice that interferes with our comfortable lifestyles or make any commitment that could endanger our lives, but Jesus did in order to save all who would believe. Christian martyrs continue to face persecution and death rather than accommodate to the world’s false ideologies eager to seduce every generation over to Satan. God paid the highest possible price to save us from destruction; a perfect sinless blood sacrifice to blot out the horrors of sin and evil in the world. Only His holy blood could atone for our fallen inclination to rebel, make poor choices and distort truth. We are all prodigals needing to return to the Father, to be forgiven and to be restored to live a more excellent lifestyle.

Jesus asked, “But what about you? Who do you say I am?” (Luke 9:20) Your answer is your eternal destiny.

Worthy of worship? Want a connection? Ready to make a commitment to followship and fellowship with Jesus our God and King?

We must trust in God alone and become one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.


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