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Living the Blessed Life


Today marks St. Pete First UMC’s first Sunday in our new stewardship sermon series titled, “Gratitude in God.” We will be diving into Psalm 112 to better understand “blessing” and even more importantly, how we can be conduits of blessing to others. At the heart of stewardship is gratitude and generosity. We are grateful to God for the ultimate curse-reversal (sin/death to flourishing, eternal life) in His Son Jesus, for His faithfulness, for His righteousness that He both imputed and imparted to us, for His grace, His mercy, His love, the sending of His Holy Spirit and the ultimate sacrifice He paid on our behalf. Our Christian faith is one that is not passive, but rather it is active. It demands a response from its followers. We are called to be living conduits of God’s blessings, so that others can be blessed in Jesus’s name. You are invited today, brothers and sisters, to be blessed by being a blessing to others. Pastor Bob and I would ask that you would prayerfully consider filling out a Commitment Card for 2024. You have the opportunity through this body of Christ to bless others with your financial gifts, your service or both! God is doing amazing work through us and as a church, we are committed to reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sharing His love with others. Your gifts and service make this possible. Our desire is not for you to respond in generosity to a series of sermons for a season in the life of our church but rather our desire is that we would be a people that will live lives of generosity in response to the Gospel.

Be blessed.

— Pastor Marge


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