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Moving into Holy Week


Palm Sunday was one of those days when the crowds showed their admiration and support for Jesus. It was the custom to wave palms ad throw outer garments on the ground upon which to walk, when one was seen as a king. That triumphant day would soon transition from shouts of “Hosanna!” to “crucify!”


As we move into holy week it is a time not to tire of the journey lasting almost forty days, but, to understand that emptying of self leads one closer to the cross of Jesus. Holy week also includes times of deeper reflection as we who are Christians draw closer to the story of passion. Thursday will be “Maundy Thursday.”  Maundy comes from the Latin word “mandatum” which means “commandment”. This day is named after Jesus’ commandment to love one another. Tradition holds we celebrate the Lord’s Supper (the Eucharist—‘Great Thanksgiving’) as Jesus demonstrated His love over the meal.  Friday moves us into “Good Friday.” I am often asked, “If Jesus suffered on the cross on Friday, why do we call it ‘Good’?”  Perhaps it is called Good Friday because God took the most tragic event life could muster (crucifixion) and turned it into something “Good” as Jesus saves us of our sin.


Let me invite you to come and experience this week of focus leading into Easter and I guarantee you, it will be a life changer!

— Pastor Bob


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