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New Wednesday Night Classes

Our new season of Wednesday night classes began on January 11th. We'd love to see you on Wednesday night!

Pastor Bob is leading a class taking an in-depth look into one of Jesus’ best loved parables—the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32). In the study we will dive into uncovering some of the least known secrets of the parable’s purpose and expose the depth of God’s love and how His grace extends into some unexpected places. Using the book The Prodigal God (written by best-selling author Timothy Keller) as a resource, Pastor Bob will help illuminate the treasures found in this critical story told by Jesus. Click here to sign up.

As a woman of today, have you ever thought about what God is calling you to do? Better yet, are you stopping long enough to hear God speak? This study on the story of Ruth, led by Patti Martin, is one of calling and yet an uncertain future. It helps take a story of history and bring it to life in today’s context for the busy woman who juggles so many balls each day. Patti is using the book The Girl’s Still Got It, by Liz Curtis Higgs, as a resource. Click here to sign up.

Pat Mason is leading a Bible study on the Gospel in Exodus- a picture of the New Testament in the book of Exodus. Click here to sign up.