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Relationship Reconstruction


Last Sunday I challenged us all to think about how we are seeing God in the small things. We learned about Sabbath and the need to slow down. Why? Because Sabbath is a rhythm for life and God Himself rested after creating six days. In the challenge I asked you to go into this week taking time to slow down and see God’s amazing presence in everything. So many of you have emailed me to share what you are seeing and what you are thankful for. I have enjoyed reading your experiences and celebrate with you what good has come from your rest.

We begin a new series called Relationship Reconstruction. Some might ask, “why is the pastor teaching about relationships?” Well, to be honest…Jesus spent a lot of time talking about and teaching us on how to relate to one another. It’s been said life boils down to one thing: relationships. Relationships set the tone of life and we often discover relationships don’t just happen; in fact, good relationships (healthy ones) take a lot of time and work on our parts. Over the next five weeks we will learn how relationships are in our DNA and what it means to become a true friend, and we will ask the questions, “Can conflict be good?,” "How can we make peace in our homes?," and lastly the big question, “Can Love Last?” I’m excited about the next several weeks and I want to invite you into this conversation.

Pastor Bob


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