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Stop Worrying


I think it is interesting that one of the big messages from Jesus on the Sermon on the Mount was for us not to worry. Worry comes in so many different ways, doesn’t it? Housing, food, supplies for our kids, endless bills for some…it can be pretty easy to worry about these things. I have a close person in my life who worries, A-L-O-T! I asked her once, “What can you do to change that? You know, not worry so much?” Her response was classic. “I would love to never worry…but then again, I would likely worry about the day I don’t have anything to worry about.” Wow!

Jesus said God will take care of us. Profound statement but with Jesus it also seems too simple. Maybe what Jesus was trying to get us to see is we spend too much of our time worrying about things and when that happens, the question is, “Are we living the Fulfilled life God wants us to live? Let’s try this on. How about leaning into God’s perfect strength for those things that cause us to worry and then trust that with God, all things are possible. And that right there includes - eliminating worry!



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