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The Crowds


Palm Sunday kicks off Holy Week in the life of the Christian church which helps orient us to Jesus’ ultimate mission: go to Jerusalem and be nailed to a cross as payment for our sin. Palm Sunday is a day reminding us of the joy the crowds felt as Jesus rode in on a colt. They waved palms which was a sign of recognizing a conquering king and shouted the words, “Hosanna!” (translation: save us!) What I find interesting is these same crowds that welcomed Jesus like a rock star coming on stage were quick to turn in another direction. What were cries of “save us!” would become “crucify him!”

Truth be known, none of us can get to the empty tomb to celebrate Easter until we have walked the dusty roads of Jerusalem shouting accolades to our Lord and King. We too become the crowds throwing our hopes and dreams onto Jesus only in some fashion to become disappointed he isn’t the king we had envisioned. But is he? That is the question for Holy Week. Come join us and I know you will discover the answer.

The text for this week is Luke 19: 28-38 (NLT).

— Pastor Bob


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