Invite Pillar

The Invite Pillar is all about evangelistic work ... "reaching out and welcoming" the community ... Inviting people to come and learn about Jesus Christ and being part of the family of God.


Common Grounds

Common Grounds has transitioned to a less formal but more social gathering on Sunday mornings. By reducing the time commitment by volunteers, we have successfully replenished from two to six groups in the rotation. We have 30+ volunteers that have pitched in during 2014. The change has also allowed our volunteers more opportunity to interact with the patrons as opposed to spending time in the kitchen. On each Sunday, we serve 200+ cups of coffee and 40+ pastries. We estimate that 250-300 people pass through the fellowship hall on any given Sunday. In addition, the ministry has moved from running at a loss to contributing positively to the kitchen budget from a financial standpoint.


Contact: Chad Simonds  |

Kitchen Committee

The Kitchen Committee centers around the ministry of hospitality. There are several aspects of this ministry including preparing weekly meals for The Point, Common Grounds, (Sunday morning coffee and snacks for members and visitors to FUMC services) special events/receptions (Weddings, funerals, Anniversaries etc.) Preschool & Children’s programs.Our Street Ministry utilizes the kitchen in preparing meals for approximately 155 needy families and individuals, 4 times per month.


In addition, the committee oversees kitchen usage and scheduling, the training of volunteers as respects safe food handling, kitchen procedures, cleanliness and making sure that the kitchen remains in compliance with Health Department inspections and guidelines.


Members of this committee are representatives of the following: Street Ministry, The Point, Common Grounds, Preschool, United Methodist Women, Administration and Custodial/Kitchen Staff.


Meet: First Tuesday of each month @ 5:00pm, Room 102

Docent Ministry - Stained Glass Window

Docent tours of our beautiful stained glass windows are offered every Wednesday morning, from 11:00am - 12:00pm, as well as specially requested scheduled times.  We present a brief history of our church, along with significant spiritual and artistic facts about the stained glass windows.  In so doing we are able to share the progressive story of Jesus' life.


It is by invitation that one becomes a docent.  The training takes up to a year.  One must be personable and comfortable speaking before a group.  Each docent must have a passion for Christ and a desire to share His story.


The docents commit to giving tours using the material presented during training, as well as attend the docent committee meetings the 3rd Wednesday morning of the month prior to the tour.


This is a wonderful opportunity to meet out of town visitors and people within our church and community.  Any church member interested can contact one of the docents: Mary Ann Carroll, Mary Jane Dameron,  Susan McLean, Ginny Sexton, or Nancy Thomas.  Kay Norton is the coordinator.


Chair: Sylvia, Coordinator |  727.381.3021

Discover First

The Goal of the New Member Team is to provide the opportunity for others to join us in our Mission of Disciple Making through Worship, Growth and Service.  We have meetings the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM.


Discover First plans and carries out 3 membership orientations a year.  Each orientation takes place on two back-to-back Sunday mornings and a Pastor’s Luncheon.  We help the new member discover their unique God-given "S.H.A.P.E." (Spiritual Gifts, Heartbeat, Abilities, Personality, Experience) for service in the body of Christ and at First Church. Our committee is dedicated to planning and executing the orientation.  We connect with new members to help them find their "fit" for service within our church and introduce them to a connection group experience. We give the new members the information needed to inspire them to get involved in service within our church.


All committee members are approved by the Nominations Committee of the church and are asked to serve for 3 years. 


Chair: Susan McLean


Ushers And Greeters Ministry

During our regularly scheduled worship services and special events, ushers and greeters assist with greeting, guiding people, sharing information, collecting the offering, distributing the communion elements and offering service of any kind to insure the needs and concerns of our members and guests are met.


Chair: George Hamersma  |  727.898.7230  |

Train Pillar

The Train Pillar brings a multitude of spiritual training, mentoring and development programs to our children, youth and adults alike.


Children's Ministry  

Our mission is to make and send young disciples of Jesus Christ into the world so they can S.H.I.N.E.: Study God’s Word, Help Others, Involve Families, Nurture a Relationship with God, Equip to Share the Gospel.



Nursery: Birth - 2 years

Two’s Toddler Class: Age 2 - 1st grade

Preschool: Age 3 - K

Elementary: Grades 1 - 5



Wednesday Night Live Program: Includes choir, dinner, Bible study, music, games and related activities.



Starting Point: Nursery - 5th grade


Chair: Todd Seales

Contact: Lora Ulrich  |  727.894.4661 ext. 2125  |


Discipleship Ministry

The FUMC Discipleship Committee provides adult Christian study opportunities and encourages the spiritual growth of disciples of Jesus Christ.  Our committee assists our connection group and study group leaders in reviewing potential study curriculum, in identifying and obtaining learning resources and promoting the growth of those groups.  The committee’s role also includes developing other learning and spiritual growth opportunities outside of our connection groups and in our community.


Chair: Lynn Feaster

Contact:  Rev. Travis James I  727.894.4661  ext. 2123 I

FUMC Preschool  |

The mission of the school is to give children of FUMCSP and the Community a solid foundation upon which to build their formal education and spiritual life. Our philosophy is to accept every child at their own level. We aim to nurture each child to their fullest potential in a loving Christian environment, while being in partnership with the church families and the families of the community. We provide an exciting and rewarding experience through a variety of activities, in a safe and secure environment.


Classes Available:

Ages: 2-3-4 year olds

VPK programs: 9:00am – 12:00pm, Monday – Friday (following the public school calendar)

Wrap around care: 8:00am - 5:30pm


Chair: Erin Barnett                   

Contact: Yvonne Malague |  727.822.8767 ext. 2202  |

WhereHouse Youth Ministry

Our Mission is to transition kids from an elementary knowledge of Christ and his teachings to learning what it means to be a Christian in today’s world and give them a solid grounding on the Methodist faith. We provide a safe secure environment for our Youth to have fun and learn through serving others.


Youth Sunday School: Sundays @ 11am

Youth Fellowship: Sundays @ 5-7pm, dinner, worship and small groups


Chair: Gina White

Contact: KayLee Bennett, Youth Director  |  727.894.4661 ext. 2131  |

Send Pillar


Family Promise is a not-for-profit organization that works through local churches to provide temporary shelter and support for homeless families with children so they get back on their feet and the family returns to stability. There are five key components to Family Promise or IHN, the Interfaith Hospitality Network.


Contacts:  Peggy Collins  |

                       Diane McClung  |




Our church owns all the property on our block except the hotel on 3rd Avenue North.  For many years volunteers from our church have provided all the yard services.  We normally meet every other Saturday at 8:00 a.m.  This is an opportunity to serve the church, get some exercise, and make some new friends.

Contact: Gordon Norton | 727-381-3021 |




International Missions Committee seeks to connect and equip the church family to be the hands and feet of Christ outside of our local community. We provide opportunities and equip the FUMC family to have a servant heart. We provide support for others to carry the great commission into the world and to be Disciples of Christ throughout the world.


Chair: Robert Dinwiddie  |  |  727-542-9740




Local Missions is a group of people, willing to take ownership in the process of planning and providing opportunities for our church members to reach out to those in need through local projects in order to make a small difference in someone's life and in our community.

Mission Opportunities:

· Habitat for Humanity work project

· Mail carriers Food Drive in May

· Summer Service Project

· Meals on Wheels - Deliver meals to the homebound.

· Ronald McDonald House – Shop, prepare and serve dinner the first Monday of every month.

· Holiday of Hope- Food and Toy Collection


Meeting: 3rd Tuesday of each month @ 6:00 pm

Chair: Jim Rowe

Contact: Jim Rowe  |  727-898-8045  |





Mission is to provide three meals per month at St Vincent de Paul Homeless Shelter on the 1st Monday, 1st Tuesday and 2nd Tuesday of each month. A team of 5 to 7 cooks prepare the meals in our church kitchen. A team of 7 – 11 individuals serve the meals to between 150 – 200 people each night.


Chair: Hal Heitler

Contact: Hal Heitler  |  727-864-2158  |



The Visitation a Team provides a loving church connection to homebound and hospitalized members who are unable to attend church. This team extends Christ’s love through visits, phone calls, and written communication.

Chair: Joan Schottler | 727-527-5958 |



United Methodist Women is an organization dedicated to missions locally, nationally, and globally. At FUMC we have eight circles as follows:

• Abigail: Bible study, 2nd and 4th Thursdays, 2:00-3:30, Room 101.

Leader: Cindy Ripley

• Bad Girls of the Bible: study club, 3rd Wednesday at Lagor’s, 6:00 pm with dinner.

Leader: Barbara DeFoe

• Sew and Sows: 1st Monday at Lagor’s, sewing blankets and pillows for infants at All Children’s Hospital;

Leader: Joyce Lagor

• Deborah: 2nd Wednesday, 12:15, Library, program speakers, mission projects;

Leader: Mary Jane Dameron

• F. A.S.T. Crowd (Fellowship and Service Together): 3rd Monday, Mission projects, Field Trips.

Leaders: Nancy Fallis and Jean Payne

• Lydia: 1st and 3rd Mondays, Bible study, home of Jean Payne;

Leaders: Fran McCanney and Colette Moorefield


• Rebecca: 2nd Tuesday, 10:30,Parlor, Educational programs;

Leader: Elaine Martin


Chair: Mary Jane Dameron

Contact: Mary Jane Dameron  |  727-867-3873 |

Nurture Pillar

The Nurture Pillar involves giving our church family the "TLC" they so deserve! This work area involves groups that offer spiritual guidance, member visitation, Christian counseling and more. Church family is what nurture is all about!

The Point​   

At The Point, we remain invested in the hope of helping others find their way again and “get their lives back” as we model a healthy, Christ-Centered Community of sustained recovery; seeking to reclaim, restore, and rebuild other broken people and families into living testimonies of grace!


Service: Thursdays @ 6:45pm in The Sanctuary

Contact: Rev. Travis James |  727.894.4661 ext. 2138  |


Counseling Center @ FUMC  |

The Counseling Center at the First United Methodist Church of St. Petersburg is an outreach ministry that provides confidential counseling to individuals, couples and families by six (6) state licensed counselors. The administrative staff members are skilled in helping new clients match their concerns with the clinical expertise of the available counselors as well as local resources. Insurance, private pay and a limited amount of scholarship funds are provided to remove financial barriers to receiving the mental health care needed. Personal faith is one of the greatest resources an individual has during challenging times.  The full Counseling Center team assists clients in nurturing their ability to apply their growing faith whenever possible. This begins with the first contact with the administrative assistants and extends into the private counseling sessions.


Location: 275 4th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Times: Monday – Thursday, 9am – 6pm, and Fridays, 9am – 3pm

Phone: 727.828.8360

Fax: 727.823.8082

Chair: Andy Walton

Contact: Dr. Peggy Reynolds  |  727.828.8362  | 

Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Group is a virtual team committed to praying for requests that are found on The City prayer wall.  These prayer warriors faithfully pray for the needs of individuals, groups and the church family as they are brought to their attention.  Prayer requests are submitted through the Sr. Pastor's office


Contact: 727.894.4661   

Stephen Ministry

First United Methodist’s Stephen Ministry training program equips church members to provide confidential, individual Christian care to persons in our congregation and community who are experiencing some of life’s most difficult times.


To become a Stephen Minister, contact Training Coordinator Martha Thurman at 727 527-6160.

To seek help from a Stephen Minister, contact Referrals Coordinator Joan Schottler at 727 527-5958.

Faith Community Nursing

promotes health and healing practices from a Christ centered perspective by encouraging healthy lifestyles and helping people understand the relationship between lifestyle, faith and well-being. Faith Community nurses provide Christian health counseling, education, advocacy and intentional care of the spirit. Everyone in the health field is welcome to join.


Blood pressure and health information clinics are held the second Sunday of each month from 9 am until 11:30 am in the nurse’s area on the first floor. 


Contact Sandy Sauers RN at or 727-596-5347 for questions or additional information. 

Shield of Faith

A church safety ministry supporting all church pillars through the performance of risk assessments and crisis intervention.  Our goal is to meet the expectations of our members and guests to provide a safe environment to worship or engage in a relationship with Christ while being good stewards of all that they have entrusted to us, provide meaningful and appropriate guidance and tools to volunteers and staff in the event of on and off campus event related emergencies and incidents, and reduce interruptions to the church’s ministries and mission resulting from external forces, accidents, and related financial impact.
Our ministry is comprised of, but not limited to, current and prior industry first responders, law enforcement, private security, military, doctors, nurses, medical support professionals, industrial and business office safety personnel, fire inspectors, construction inspectors, code enforcement, CERT members, CPR/First Aid trained individuals, child and youth safety workers, lawyers, protocol developers, risk assessment, and ham radio operators.   
Members of the ministry have many opportunities to serve the church, from simply staying informed of tools and procedures available to them as a Good Samaritan responder, through augmenting our safety staff during high attendance church events on and off campus, and through our committee meetings quarterly to assist in developing a culture of church safety. 
Are you an individual who brings one of these very specialized spiritual gifts to the church body?  Contact us to find out more.