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A Season of Change


Are you one who likes change? Maybe you are one who fears change or who doesn’t welcome it because change means that life as you know it is going to be different; you know, change. I’ve been thinking through my transition to become your senior pastor and over the weeks it came to my attention that I was going to have to change. It meant saying goodbye to dear friends, giving one last hug to staff that I worked with for over a decade, and stepping away from a routine that had been a part of my life for some time now. Change. Change is one of those words that can either scare you to death or it can light your fire. Change can make you feel uneasy, or it can bring about a new wave of confidence. Pastor Margaret reminded us this past Sunday that change is upon us with her words, “What now?” Our church is in a season of change. How is it making you feel?

There are two words that come to mind when I think about our future together… two words that despite the changes we will experience, will affirm our future. You want to know what they are? “Be encouraged!” I am so excited to meet you this Sunday. In the midst of change something good will come. Be encouraged!



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