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Scam Alert


Church Family:


Some of you have received text messages or emails claiming to be from Pastor Bob. Here are two examples:

Hi _________, I need a favour form you text me back as soon as you get this message.

Rev. Bob Martin

This is a scam.

DO NOT reply to messages from 603-354-9733, 501-215-5555, or to ANY other message or email requesting assistance. These are NOT legitimate requests.

Our staff is NOT asking you to buy things, gift cards (Target, iTunes, etc), or send money by text or email request. WE WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR SUPPORT IN THIS WAY.


If you are getting texts or emails that are asking for gift cards or anything else, please verify by doing one or all of the following:

  1. Call the church office if you have any questions regarding donations or other requests.

  2. Check the sending email address carefully.

  3. If you are questioning or are in doubt AT ALL - delete and ignore the request.

Thank you to those who have contacted us about this issue.

From: "Rev. Bob Martin" <>
Subject: Hope this email finds you well

Could you do me a favor ? I’m going to a meeting now and i’ll appreciate a swift correspondence via email for further information.



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