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Awaken my Calling


I don’t know about you, but I get a lot of calls that blow up my phone labeled “spam!” These are calls I have been trained to ignore. For the most part, they are calls where someone is trying to reach me for reasons I don’t want to be reached like, “We found you! It’s time to renew your car warranty” or “This is the Federal Government and we are here to help you” or something like that. Don’t those calls annoy you? They do me.

I think we have been conditioned to screen our calls. We have become savvy enough in the 21st century not to answer calls we don’t recognize. Can you relate?

But what happens when a call comes and you recognize the ID but you just ignore it anyway? You know… life gets busy, you’re in the middle of something you think is more important and you don’t answer… remember, I’m talking about a call coming from someone you know but you still ignore it.

For the most part, I want to believe Christians are on-the-ball people. After all, the leader of the Christian movement is a guy who literally died for the cause. Does that make his call to you more important? Shouldn’t that be a call you answer? Let’s put it more pointedly… the one calling you died, for you. Shouldn’t that change things?

What if the one calling you has something important for you… it’s not your broker or your travel consultant, but one who can really make your life fulfilling, have purpose, get you excited about living life again. Wouldn’t you want to answer that call? Of course you would!

God has a call for your life. It may not be for you to become a preacher or a missionary, but a call with a purpose…not any purpose but “THE” purpose of why you are alive in the first place. Did you know God has a call for your life? Are you answering it? If you find yourself just existing and not really living, then it’s time for you to answer the call and trust me, when you do, it’s a game changer!



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