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Awaken my Story


We all have a story. What’s yours? Today we will be looking at the story of the great prophet Jeremiah, who lived through an extremely difficult time in the land of Judah. The southern kingdom of Judah had devolved into corruption and sin and was caught in a three-cornered international crisis as Assyria, Egypt, and Babylon struggled for world dominion. It was during this period of Biblical history that Jeremiah, only a teenager, was called by God to condemn the false worship the people of Judah were practicing and to prophesy about the impending conquering of Jerusalem, the capitol city of Judah, by the Babylonians. Jeremiah’s story is one of struggle, perseverance, surrender, and reliance upon the strength of the Lord. Jeremiah’s story is one that glorifies our God and points to Him, the One who knew you and me before we were even formed.

That’s Jeremiah’s story. What’s yours? Whatever your story is, my hope and prayer is that you are reminded today of the greater purpose of why you are here, living this life. Whatever your story is, whatever call God has placed on your life, may it point to Him and not to you. To Him be all the glory, now, forever and forevermore. Amen.



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