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Baggage: Complaining


As much as any of us would want a life that is complication free, the truth is, it’s just not possible. Some people handle life’s challenges fairly well while some struggle to get through. Either way, it’s baggage. We all have it. We all carry it. It’s just there. Baggage comes in the form of relationship outcomes, business deals going south, arguments within our churches. Yep, baggage can even come from our spiritual life. So, what do you do? Some of us take the route to complain about it. It becomes such a burden that the only way we can process our baggage is to complain. We complain about what we don’t like, people we have troubles with. We complain about politics, cultural topics…you name it, we can quickly carry the baggage of complaining. But you know what? Complaining doesn’t solve a thing. In fact, I think instead of complaining about what we don’t like, perhaps we can suggest a solution that could yield a positive outcome. So, baggage. It’s there. Is complaining one of the bags you carry?

— Pastor Bob


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