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Becoming a True Friend


I heard a statistic on a podcast the other day that made me stop and think, “Hmm?” It said in our lifetime, we will most likely only have a true loving friendship with seven people. Think about that for a moment…in your lifetime the number of true, loving friends you will have you can count on less than two hands. What does that say to you? For me, it says a lot. First, it tells me true, loving friendships aren’t something I should take for granted. These are people I

need to pour my life into as they pour theirs into mine.

The second thing this tells me is most of what you and I call friendships are most likely superficial. Here’s a test. When was the last time you opened your heart to a friend and poured out your deepest and darkest sins? When did you tell your friend how inferior you really are and shared with them your biggest fears about life? You see, most of us haven’t gotten to that place yet. At best, our friendships are more like, “Let’s go to the Ray’s game!” or “Meet me at the pub.” Those might be ok things, but is that all of what a real friendship is?

When Jesus met with Peter, James and John (his dear friends) in the Garden of Gethsemane a space was created where Jesus could share his innermost thoughts, hurts and what some would say, ‘vulnerabilities.’ Jesus told his true friends of the pain that was to come. The rest of the disciples and followers had no clue but these three friends knew exactly what was on the Lord’s mind. Then take the story in Luke 5:17-19 where the paralyzed man on the mat was picked up and carted by four friends to the place where Jesus was. They couldn’t get into the house to put the paralyzed man in front of Jesus so they dug a hole and lowered him. At this point Jesus heals the man because of the love and faith of the friends. True friends. They are few indeed and we all need them. Who are yours?

Pastor Bob


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