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Can Love Last?


The wedding vows of a celebrity couple say a lot about our current society. Instead of the old-fashioned pledges of “’til death do us part,” this couple promised to take care of one another “as long as our love survives.” Now, really, how long do you think that will be?

In a world with increasingly popular phrases like “exit strategy” and “keeping my options open,” these vows fit the mold. No matter how we put it, we’re all saying the same thing—we’re not fully committed. Commitment is the starting point of virtually any relationship. Marriage begins with a vow; a new job begins with an agreement detailing responsibilities and compensation; and even joining the church involves commitment to God and fellow believers. Through commitment we express a love that is amazing.

Commitment is the foundation on which everything else will be built. Commitment is like that glass of water in the restaurant; it’s not flashy, and many times, something else will look tastier. Even if other things look good, they won’t satisfy us in the same way as will knowing where we belong, knowing who is there for us, and resting securely in God’s love. All these things are available for the taking. The Apostle Paul reminds us that of all the things we are to demonstrate in life, “faith, hope and love,” the greatest of all is to love. When we love it’s more than commitment; it’s the sign of God in our lives. Love endures all things and when all things no longer make sense, love always wins!

Pastor Bob


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