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When was the last time you spent more than you had? It’s a daily lesson for my grandchildren. I teach them, “Earn a dollar, save a dollar”. Their reply, “earn a dollar, spend two dollars”. That sounds like fuzzy math and in many ways, it is. How can you earn one dollar and spend two? Maybe it’s why they usually want me to go with them when they shop because they know I am the supplier of the second dollar. Did you know economists have determined in America today we spend more money than we earn? That’s why so many find themselves in debt. The question becomes, “what’s behind this?” I had a friend say to me one time, “Bob, addictions and spending problems are due to one reason—the person has a hole in their heart and they are trying to fill it.” Think about that statement for a moment and it does have merit. Perhaps the way to fight the sin of consumerism is instead of filling your heart with stuff, maybe it should be filled with God’s love. Sounds like million dollar advice. What do you think?

— Pastor Bob


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