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Fear turns to Love


I love giving gifts. Its not my love language, but it certainly is something that shows my love to others. One year I was so excited about a special gift I purchased for Patti. It was unique, something she hadn’t ever been given before and if I was a betting man, I would bet it’s not even something she had on her radar. What was the gift? A Chia Head! Did she love it? Er eh…what do you think?

The Christmas season focuses on love. Love is the greatest gift of all because God not only is love, God came into our presence to show His love in the flesh as the gift of Jesus. I am reminded of the story of a little boy who one night in bed was afraid when the lightning from the storm was flashing in his window. He cried out for his daddy to come lay in bed with him. His daddy hollered from his room, “Jesus is with you son, don’t be afraid.” This happened a couple more times and finally when the boy called in a panic for his daddy to come to him, he once again heard his father’s words from the other room, “Don’t be afraid. Jesus is with you,” to which the boy shouted back to his father, “I need Jesus with skin on!”

God is love and my prayer for you this season is you experience not only love with others but that you receive and embrace the love of God!

— Pastor Bob


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