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Heroes: Noah


Whenever God tells us to do something in the Bible, we ought to pay attention. Every command of God is for our provision and protection and God’s commands are for us and not against us. We have this really bad misunderstanding of the Bible that God is like this cosmic killjoy who wants to take away all our fun and all of His commands are to keep us from doing what we want to do. However, this is simply not the case. God’s laws, commands, and precepts are His provision and protection for His children. I challenge you to think of one of God’s commands that if you were to disobey it, it would benefit you? God’s commands are for us and not against us.

Noah was a man in the Bible that led out of incredible obedience, even if it did not make any sense to him at the time. God commanded Noah to build this massive ark and it took Noah one hundred and twenty years to accomplish this task. Noah had absolutely no idea how much hung in the balance while He was obeying God in a seemingly impossible situation. If Noah had not obeyed God and built the ark, it would not have gone well for Noah, his family, or for us!

The question for you today is this: “What is God telling you to do?” Is He telling you to forgive that person that has wronged you? Is He telling you to be a witness for the sake of the Gospel in this world? Is He telling you to choose the narrow way when everybody else is choosing the wide way? Is He telling you to honor your father and your mother? Is He telling you to love your enemies, judge not, repent, or fear not? Maybe the thing that God is telling you to do seems totally crazy. I know Noah certainly felt this way. But one thing is for certain: you have no idea what hangs in the balance.

We are invited today, like our friend Noah, to lead out of obedience. The question we all must answer is, “What is God telling me to do?” Whatever it is, I would invite you to pray to God that He would give you the courage to step out and the obedience to do whatever it is that He’s telling you to do.

— Pastor Marge 


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