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Is the Church Necessary?


This past week our church Mission Statement was painted as a mural on the administration building wall. It’s pretty bold and one that details to our St. Petersburg community our mission as a local church. What is our mission?  Love. St. Pete. (John 15:12 – “Love one another as I have loved you.”)  I just love the freshness that is emerging from within. We are a church family who sees the importance of a message that says something, that displays a boldness in God’s mission for us as a church. I also like the freshness of our new church logo. A couple of things to note:  You will see an emphasis on the cross in the red "t” in our name along with a red heart circling the symbol of our historic building signifying our calling which is to be “the Heart of the City.”  It is another sign for the world that the church is still necessary!

— Pastor Bob


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