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I can honestly say there aren’t too many things in my adult life I am ashamed of. I mean, I make mistakes, say things at times I would love to take back as if they never came from my mouth… even done some things that I look back on and say to myself, “What were you thinking? Perhaps the greatest thing I regret is when I judged someone. He didn’t dress really well. I could tell he likely hadn’t bathed in a while. I ran into him at a Starbucks one morning. He looked hungry and when our eyes met, I was convicted to do something. Walking back to my car I had in hand the cup of coffee I had been craving all morning. That was for me. I also had in hand a cheese Danish. That was what I was going to give the man out front who looked hungry. As I approached him on the opposite side of the door I handed him the Danish and with a huge smile on my face I said, “I hope you enjoy this!” He grabbed the bag, looked inside, handed it back to me and said, “I don’t eat cheese.” That kind of took me back a notch or two. I did what I thought Jesus would do. Granted it wasn’t five loaves and two fish but I really felt the one cheese Danish was a game changer. I walked away that day with a hardness on my heart. “How could he refuse the food?” was one of many thoughts on my mind. God convicted me that day. I learned how quickly I can judge the motives of another. The sin was not his (refusing my Danish); the sin was mine for being angry at his not taking the Danish I purchased for him and being thankful. Maybe I should have been angry for the reasons why he didn’t have something to eat.

— Pastor Bob


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