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Love Your Enemy


Is it true you may have had someone in your life you feel/felt was your enemy? I think back as a young boy, when Steve Harper stole my girlfriend in the fourth grade. I was angry when I was dumped. My parents said it was just puppy love, and I would get over it. I tried to let it go, but truth be known, it was a dog’s life after that.

Let me bring it back to reality for a moment. Many of us still live under the archaic Lex Talionis (an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth). When someone wrongs us, we are ready to get even at all costs. But Jesus said we are to “love our enemies.” In fact, he said there is nothing at all to celebrate in loving your friend, but when you love your enemy--that is something only God can help you do. What will it take for you and me to live into this? Let me encourage you to think this through. Who is the person you consider your enemy? What can you do to mend that relationship?



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