• Rev. Riley Short

Mind Your Manners


If I was going out the door to a social function, my mother would say to me, “Mind your manners,” and then would add, “Behave yourself.” I did not always do what my mom told me to do, but when I did, things went well. When I did not mind my manners or I did not behave, there were bad things that happened. It occurred me how we need to “mind our Manners” if we hope to make the church, the home, and the nation what it should be. Kindness and consideration of others is seriously missing in our culture, and, in fact, it seems that we admire those who are the crudest and the rudest and look at the mess we are in. Do you think it is time for us to do what our moms told us - “Mind your manners” and “Behave yourself?”


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