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Now What?


Now what? Pastor Riley has left, Christmas is over, Pastor Bob is coming, and a new year is upon us. Yet again, we find ourselves in another transitionary period in the life of the church, not only in the leadership, but also in the church calendar. The long-expected Christ child has come in the form of a baby boy and our wait for Emmanuel is over. It’s a transitionary period in each of our lives as well, as we said goodbye to 2021 and welcomed 2022 yesterday. What are we to do in the coming days ahead of us?

It’s quite peculiar that the Bible has little to say about Jesus’s childhood. Jesus began his earthly ministry at age 30 and died on the cross, scholars think, at the age of 33. What do we know about Jesus before age 30? We know a handful of events from the Gospels Matthew and Luke. We know abut the holy family’s escape to Egypt and return to Nazareth; we know about his visit to the Temple in Jerusalem and obedience to His parents; and we know this

verse, Luke 2:40, that is that Jesus grew, became strong, was filled with wisdom, and that the grace of God was on him. As we find ourselves yet again in another transitionary time, let us not forget Christ in his childhood. Now, church, like the boy Jesus, it’s time for us to grow and to become strong, filled with wisdom from the Holy Spirit. May your new year be filled with time to grow and to strengthen your body, mind, and soul. Let’s not skip over Christ’s childhood and head straight to the cross and resurrection. Rather, let’s dabble in the transitionary period, in Christ’s childhood, and allow this time to grow and strengthen us. After all, that’s what Jesus did.


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