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I was thinking about obedience this week…Don’t know why other than it was the topic I was to preach on. So, maybe that’s why obedience was on my mind. Obedience is a funny word. When you think of it, it can have teeth to it. When you are obedient it means you toe the line, walk straight, salute and say, “yes ma’am” and all those kinds of things. Yep. Obedience.

I learned about obedience a long time ago, but not too long ago because I can still remember. In fact, it still remains in the forefront of my mind. It was almost 37 years ago on the day Patti and I were married. If you have ever been married you know the wedding service is filled with a lot of things. You walk down the aisle, you stand at the altar and sing a hymn. And after the wedding it’s, “Aisle alter him!” Think about that one for a moment and I hope it makes you smile.

Obedience requires something. It requires one to surrender and to take on something new. When you are obedient you leave behind the things about yourself that are, well, “disobedient” and you take on the new, the better. Obedience. God wants you and me to be obedient. God’s desire is through our obedience we learn to trust him, surrender to him and allow him to change the course/trajectory of our life. If you haven’t tried it yet, try obedience and I can guarantee one thing: you will be close with God.



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