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Quiet Moments


This has been a week of reflecting. Sitting in bed with COVID will do that to you. It’s moments like this where you have little energy when you discover that life’s pace runs too fast. Work commitments, taking kids to and from extracurricular activities, making sure dinner is on the table to feed your family or closing the deal that has been within reach but seemed to be going south that you learn the real importance to life. I make a confession that even preachers fall short on the significance of what it means to sit in God’s presence… oh how I have missed just listening for God’s voice to speak words of encouragement and hope into my life because life has just been too busy to stop long enough to listen.

The scriptures remind us of how important it is to seek God’s Word and presence each day. Isn’t it a tragedy to know that we can allow life’s busyness to take away the one thing we need most in life? It’s been an eye opener for me…

In these quiet moments I have heard the Lord’s voice of care, nurture and hope. The thing I am reminded most is God’s love and care comes through all of you. Don’t misread my words, this isn’t about me, but in some small way this time of just sitting, listening and soaking up God’s love has touched my heart even more for the better. Friends, there are those hurting in our church family who need your touch this week. Death of a precious family’s daughter, loss of a job, seeking life’s direction for the day are just a few realities affecting so many. I think we are reminded just how important we are to each other. Perfect strangers once, but called to be a family in Christ whose love for us is more than we can fathom in our own grey matter called a brain.

Here’s what I know… life on this earth is too short for anyone hurting to go it alone. Let me encourage you to be an encourager to someone who is hurting today. Make the call. Go to their home. Shower them with your love. Let them know no matter what life is throwing their way they are not alone. Be Christ to someone in need. Love them. Surround them and remind them in those moments of need God is real, God loves them and binds their wounds.

Pray for one another and be an instrument of the love of Jesus. This is one thing that humbles me daily… we need each other. We love, because God first loved us.

— Pastor Bob


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