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Rule #2: Ask for Help


What would you say is the one thing most people fear? Death? April 15 (Tax Day)? Bathing suit season? As scary as those three things may seem, most people can endure them pretty well. But there is one thing that isn’t that easy to beat; the one thing that carries with it the greatest level of fear. Do you know what it is yet? Let me give you some assistance. It’s a four letter word that begins with “H”. Got it yet? The one thing most people fear is the thing they just don’t want to ask for and that is, “Help.” Four letters that can paralyze even the strongest person. Why is it we don’t ask for help? What stands in our way? Maybe it is pride or worse yet, we don’t think anyone can help us?

The Scriptures ring true that God is our ever present “help” in time of need. That means we have the utmost assurance when we aren’t sure how to get out of something we are in or make the terrible thing go away, God can.

— Pastor Bob


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