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Rule #7: Always Do the Wise Thing


Beginning a New Year brings about so many choices and also challenges. We’ve been in our teaching series “7 Perfect Rules for ‘23” — guidelines to help ensure everyone is on the right path. Rule #1 was how to “Keep Life Simple,” where I shared that the best way to do that is to stop trying to please everyone, and only look to please God. Rule #2 was “Ask for Help;” the emphasis was that God can help us through whatever it is we are going through. Rule #3 was all about “Do Good Every Day.” Getting up and making a difference in life is the goal, and we showed how doing good in our partner school Melrose Elementary makes a difference. For Rule #4, Pastor Margaret reminded us to “Laugh at Life.” God moves in unexpected ways and when we think things are bad, God shows us and reminds us to find joy. Rule #5 was “Do No Harm.” This rule is tricky, in that its focus is managing our mouths. We learned that the words we speak bless and curse, and that the Apostle James reminds us to speak in the manner of Jesus Christ. Last week Pastor Margaret shared Rule #6 “Adopt a Generous Spirit.” The Apostle Paul taught us the closer we are in relationship to Jesus, the more generous we become.

This week we end our series with Rule #7 “Always Do the Wise Thing.” What would it look like if there was a roadmap on how to make decisions for life? What if there were guardrails that keep us in the right lane? Believe it or not there are, and this final rule will help you master life.

— Pastor Bob

The text for this week is Ephesians 5:15-21 (NIV).


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