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Serve God


Of all the life lessons I have learned, the one that makes the most profound impact on me is this: “Serve God.” Serving God is nothing new. Jesus instructs us to do this daily. He also reemphasizes the importance that when we begin to see ourselves as more than we are, or in those moments we are longing for something new to improve our attitude, we need to serve. We serve as an expression of emptying us of “self” and turning outward to include others. To serve is to be self-less and not self-ish. Are you getting the point?

Maybe you didn’t know this, but, it takes a lot of people in the church to do God’s work. From rocking babies, leading children in lessons about Jesus, working with youth to help them grow in their witness; all of these are areas of service. It even bleeds over into adults. Maybe you are in a class or small group. Someone or some people are leading it and because they are “serving”, you are benefiting in your faith journey.

Serving goes even further. Through serving we become the hands of Jesus when we prepare and distribute meals to the hungry. Working in our community to welcome strangers; that too is serving. The challenge is, we don’t have enough people to do as Jesus commands: Serve. Here’s the bottom line: It’s time to get out of the stands and onto the field. Instead of cheering on your church as a spectator, move out of your seat and make a difference. It takes an entire church to “be” the church and most of all…it requires you.

How about today you make that commitment? Set aside all the reasons why you can’t, won’t or don’t and just “DO!” Jesus said this: “Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me.”

Pastor Bob


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