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Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk


Welcome to worship, church family. We’re glad that you’re here! Today we will be diving into the New Testament book of James and into a passage that is quite famous. “Faith without deeds is dead.” That seems rather harsh, doesn’t it? James’ aim in these verses is to make it abundantly clear that faith and works go hand in hand. They are complimentary and both are necessary on our walk with Jesus. Yes we are saved by faith through grace, but we are not saved by a stagnant, inanimate faith. Rather, we are saved by an active, obedient faith in which deeds or works are the product of this active faith. My prayer this morning is that we will not only be the kind of Christians who talk the talk (that we proclaim with our lips that Jesus is our Lord and Savior), but that we will also be the kind of Christians who walk the walk (where we actively go out into the world and follow the command that Jesus gave us to love one another as He loved us). By our works of love, which is a product of our faith, the world will now that we are Christ’s disciples, walking the way that leads to life everlasting



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