The Question of the Season


Lent emerged in our history as a season of final preparation for those who would be baptized at the Easter vigil. The entire Christian community was highly invested in waiting alongside those who were about to commit their lives to Christ. In time, the season took on a different meaning whereby people now use the season of Lent as a time to reflect upon their sinfulness. That said, joy in the new life found in the Christian faith should never be overwhelmed by our struggles to live out that faith or our awareness of where we fall short. Perhaps the goal of Lent should be an opportunity to deepen our spiritual lives. During this time we, as individuals and the church, should consider our spiritual health. How are we living the words of Jesus into our homes, community, schools and workplace? In what ways are we experiencing newfound joy? Where are we seeing God and embracing His love?

Oscar Romero wrote: “We live in a time of struggle between truth and lies, between sincerity, which almost no one believes in still, and hypocrisy and intrigue. Let’s not be afraid, brothers and sisters; let’s try to be sincere, to love truth; let’s try to model ourselves on Christ Jesus. It is time for us to have a great sense of selection, of discernment.” The question of the season is: How will we practice Christ Jesus’ way of love, justice and truth each day?


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