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Tough Questions


Can you believe it is 2024? When I was a kid the movie 2001 a Space Odyssey came out. HAL was the computerized AI creation and that kind of technology back then really raised a lot of questions. When I saw the movie, I thought, “Man, that is so far into the future!” Well, it’s well beyond 2001 and we embark on a New Year for the 21st century.  The more mature I get in age (nice way of saying getting older) I find there are some questions about life that still need to be answered. Maybe that is true for you?

Have you ever been asked a question you couldn’t answer? What if the person asking the question is you? Unanswered questions bother us. They feel foreign. Some people when asked a question they can’t answer make something up. They think, “If I just make up something that sounds good then maybe I’ll look good.” Others aren’t bashful at all and when asked something they can’t answer they just laugh, shrug their shoulders and say, “I dunno!” I had someone say to me once, “When you need to answer a question and you don’t know how you have two choices, ‘Make it up’ or ‘Look it up!’” Which one are you?

I’m excited about this new series where we will tackle some pretty tough questions. Each week we will address some of the deep thoughts and topics on our mind when it comes to our faith. This would be a great time to invite your friend who has questions about the Christian faith and my hope is, it will begin some pretty important conversations. I can’t say you will agree with my answers on the topics we will address each week but I am hopeful you will keep an open mind. Come, check us out for the next six weeks and see what you think.

— Pastor Bob


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