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What makes Christianity unique and relevant to my life?


Relevancy is a topic a lot of people wrestle with. Some would argue, waiting until the day you die isn’t a good time to assess if your life was relevant or not. That’s why I live into the motto we live each day to its fullest and we give everything we have to tell others about the love of Jesus and His grace. This past week I went with a few of our leaders to hear our Bishop, Tom Berlin, speak and to share his hope for our future as United Methodists. One of the remarks he made put it right out there… “Not including people in your church or your close family, when was the last time you told someone about Jesus?”  Talk about a question of relevancy, huh?  I think it says something profound because its more than a nudge but a powerful push to let others know about the relevancy of Christianity and God’s never-ending grace.  So, what will it take to live like that? To live like every day is a day to give someone a relevant message about life and it begins with Jesus Christ.

— Pastor Bob


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