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What Matters the Most


Not long after Patti and I were married we wanted a dog. We did our research, asked around to see what dogs were the best to have and ultimately decided we would purchase a cocker spaniel. Now, if you know the breed you are aware that cockers are pretty dogs, you know, Farah Fawcett 80’s hair with feathering that rustles when the wind blows through it. They are the right size so you can travel just about anywhere with them. Cocker Spaniels in many cases also have good temperaments (although I do hear of some who are vicious and bite hands off when petted).

Once the decision had been made, we began our plight to find the right dog. When you purchase a dog like this it was impressed upon us we must go to a well-known breeder. Not just any breeder, but one who produced dogs with champion pedigrees and successful show qualities. Now, for a young guy just starting out with his new wife, that sounded expensive to me, but Patti tilted her head, smiled really big and asked, “Pleeeeeaaassseee?!”

We arrived at the breeder, found the dog of our dreams and immediately fell in love. We forked over what seemed to be two month’s pay, grabbed the dog and home we went. The breeder had told us he needed to submit the paperwork to the AKC so that all of the pedigree would transfer over to us and that in just a few weeks tops, we would have the official license detailing for us the worth of our new puppy based upon the credentials of her family; pedigree.

Time went on and about three months later the breeder contacted us to let us know we were not getting an AKC license for our little pup after all. In fact, we learned the dog we purchased had a glitch arise in her pedigree and she was not AKC certifiable after all. The breeder apologized and said we could return the puppy for a full refund if we chose to do so. To say we were let down would be an understatement but we had a decision to make. Would we keep our little Windy or send her back?

Too many of us get caught up with pedigrees. We meet someone new and the first thing we want them to know is how qualified or special we are. We carry this degree, have that certification, been given such and such award…Does it really matter? At the end of the day what matters most is not who we are, but “whose” we are! That is something we all need to remember. It isn’t what we accomplish in our vocations or anything else. What is of greatest value is that God loves us and claims us to be His beloved creation. Oh, Windy the cocker spaniel remained part of our family…even if she wasn’t a high-level pedigreed dog.


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