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"Work on my Salvation Daily”


This week I learned of the death of one of my favorite Christian writers and theologians, The Reverend Timothy (Tim) Keller. His writings have been read by many of our parishioners. One of our classes just completed his book on Forgiveness, and not long ago on Wednesday evenings, I led a study on his book, “The Prodigal God.” What I really loved about Pastor Keller was his down-to-earth way of helping people understand difficult topics and subjects many of us wish to avoid or are too afraid to ask. I noted in a story about his life it highlighted his focus on helping churches understand the incredible love of God. I think that is something we church folk think we know or act upon but when I look at so much happening in our world I have to wonder, “Do we really understand the incredible love of God?” One of the things our loving God lays on my heart each day is no matter how much we think we know, there is still so much for us to learn. That is why I have dedicated myself to living into the reality of doing what John Wesley (the founder of the Methodist Movement) said, “Work on my salvation daily.” Tim Keller lived a great life and I truly believe daily he sought for a deeper pursuit of sanctification. I hope when my time comes to stand before Jesus, I can say the same: “Daily I sought to be sanctified” (to be like Jesus). Will you join me in that pursuit, my friends?

— Pastor Bob


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