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Chili Cookoff Results!

The Chili Cook-off was a great success! We ate lots of chili and raised $3000 for Youth summer trips.


Pastor Margaret Rountree, Chris Rountree, Larry Pemble, Pastor Bob Martin and the one and only Marion Cooper

Chili Entries

Debbie Turner | Bless Her Soul Poor Sweet Thang’ (Sweet)

Debbie Turner | Bless Her Soul, Poor Sweet Thang' (Hot)

Adrian & Max Foran | Eat More Chicken

Becky Aumack | The Chili Your Looking For

Kelly Bonyata | Violets Mild Mild Chili

David Miles | Gobble Gobble Hot!

Trish Ulrich | All American

Youth Guys | Mixed Bag of Road Kill

Youth Girls | Mud Pie Surprise

Karen Wilber | Mom’s Chili

Elizebeth Deering | Librarian White Chicken Chili

Betty Schaefer | Where’s the Beef?

Betty Schaefer | Turkey Left Overs

Julie Lankford | Oh Dear

Funtana Seales | God’s Chosen Chili

Lora Ulrich | Chicken Chili Chic

Yvonne Malague | Holy Wholy Chili

Jim McPhail | Oklahoma Red

Dave Aumack | Boat People Chili

Judges Choice for Chili Only

#1 David Miles | Gobble Gobble Hot!

#2 Betty Schaefer | Turkey Left Overs

#3 Trish Ulrich | All American

People’s Choice

Chili | David Miles

Vegan | Betty Schaefer

Chicken | Chili Max Foran

Hottest | Dave Aumack

Cornbread | Trish Ulrich

Guacamole | Becky Aumack

Booth | Becky Aumack

Attire | Jim McPhail

Tums | Youth Guys


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