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Lenten Devotional: February 22, 2024

by Nancy Gainor


Etched lashes disfigure

the Holy body. The severe

beating has left Him

fragile, limp and afflicted

with pain. A twisted

crown of thorns penetrates

His brow as blood spilled

for our sin trickles across

eyelids lowered in sorrow.

Cloaked in a purple robe,

mocked as the King of Jews,

His tormentors repeatedly

strike Jesus’ innocent face.

Isolated, abandoned, and

rejected, He faces His

anticipated fate alone.

The salvation of the world

rests upon this sacrificial

lamb. The open arena

beckons as Jesus is led

in chains into the blinding

sunlight. The dense

crowd congregates during

this preparation of Passover,

awaiting the release of

a condemned prisoner.

Averting blame, Pilate

allows the multitude to

determine the outcome.

A wave of chants, “Crucify,

Crucify,” echoes as the

adamant chief priests raise

their fists, marking His doom.

Pulling Jesus aside, the

pompous Pilate whispers,

“Don’t you realize I

have power either to

free you or crucify you?”

Jesus answers, “You would

have no power over me if

it were not given to you

from above.” Unwavering

in His heavenly authority,

Jesus acknowledges that

the entire regulation

of our lives originates

with God. He has

wondrously created us

and woven together the

details of our existence.

He knows the moment of

our first breath and our

last. We can be assured

that the strength of our

mighty God will dictate our

days now and forever more.

As you pause and reflect on the Lenton season, discover the peace of Christ. He has a plan for your life using your unique gifts and faith to build His kingdom. He is with you forever, our Emmanuel.


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