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Lenten Devotional: March 29, 2024

by Nancy Gainor

Crossing Over

The nails are pounded

into the human flesh

of God Almighty.

Hoisted above the

collective crowd,

the cross

stages the final

chapter of God’s

human existence.

Suffocating minute

by minute, our dying

Savior is given wine

vinegar to quench

His parched lips.

Stripped of His clothing

and dignity, He hangs

captured in abominable

suffering. In spite of

His dire circumstances,

once again Jesus cares

for another by offering

redemption to the

remorseful prisoner

suspended by His side.

Drowning in abandonment,

Jesus’ anguished wail, “My God,

why have you forsaken me?”

devastates His heavenly

Father to the core. God

turns away, mourning the

passage His Son must take

to save an errant world.

A tiny cluster of family and

friends nestle below the

crucified Christ, weeping

uncontrollably. In awe, they

witness Jesus forgive His

executioners, “for they

know not what they are

doing.” A pause, a final

breath, a cry- “It is finished”-

and Jesus gives up the

spirit. The momentary silence

quickly becomes a roar

of terror. Earthquakes,

menacing clouds, as well

as thunderous claps of

lightning shake the earth,

reverberating God’s anger.

Crypts release the bodies

of the righteous, and they

are raised to life. Screaming

spectators attempt to flee

the chaotic scene. The

veil in the tabernacle

separating man and the

Holy of Holies, is torn, allowing

access to the great I AM.

By crossing over into death,

Jesus grants us life.

Jesus’ death brings you everlasting life. As you repent and acknowledge Christ as Savior, reflect upon the torn veil this Lenten season and the privilege of your access to God.


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