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Lenten Devotionals

During this Lenten season, we are emailing a daily devotional written by either a staff member or member of the congregation. Lent is a time that we strive to grow closer in our relationships with Jesus Christ as we make our way towards Resurrection Sunday. One practical way we can do that is to start off our days being immersed in the Word and spending a little bit of time reflecting on how God is working and moving in our lives. These daily devotionals will serve as a helpful tool to center your day, reflect on how God is working and moving in your lives, and will help you draw closer to Jesus. So, be on the lookout every day during Lent at 7am for your daily Lenten devotional. Happy Lent!

Read Devotionals

Mon. 3/20/23

Tues. 3/21/23

Wed. 3/22/23

Thurs. 3/23/23

Fri. 3/24/23

Sat. 3/25/23

Sun. 3/26/23

Mon. 3/27/23

Tues. 3/28/23

Wed. 3/29/23

Thurs. 3/30/23

Fri. 3/31/23

Sat. 4/1/23

Sun. 4/2/23 (Palm Sunday)

Mon. 4/3/23

Tues. 4/4/23

Wed. 4/5/23

Thurs. 4/6/23 (Maundy Thursday)

Fri. 4/7/23 (Good Friday)

Sat. 4/8/23 (Holy Saturday)

Sun. 4/9/23 (Easter Sunday)

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