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St. Pete First UMC loves to support the dreams and gifts of talented Christian leaders. Our Scholarship Committee is seeking to foster academic and spiritual growth for new generations of United Methodist church leaders. Each year, the committee grants scholarships to church members who are currently attending or bound for college or vocational school.

Applications for St. Pete First Scholarships will be accepted beginning February 1. Current policies and the application form can be found below. All continuing students must re-apply. 


Application Deadline: Tuesday, April 2, 2024. Completed applications, along with supporting documents, must be delivered to the church office no later than the close of business on Tuesday, April 2. Hard copies of the application and supporting documents are preferred for privacy and security of the information.

Need more information concerning the scholarship application process? Contact the St. Pete First UMC Scholarship Chair, Beth Knowles: or (727) 204-1452 

Download 2024 Scholarship information flyer


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Download 2024 St Pete First Scholarship Application (PDF -fillable)

Download 2024 St Pete First Scholarship Application (PDF -best for printing)

Attach to your application:

  • School transcript for last 2 terms (high school or other)

  • Estimated budget for next school year (state general costs and expected sources of income)

  • A short autobiography or resume with past activities, awards, honors, church involvement & family history.  Also, include your future plans.

  • A statement of how you are experiencing God in your life this season and what it means for you to be a follower of Jesus Christ.



(printable version of 2024 Policy)

The Scholarship Fund is made possible by income from an endowment designated for this purpose by St. Pete First United Methodist Church, St. Petersburg, Florida.  The Trustees will establish a committee to oversee the scholarship program which will select the recipients and determine the amount each student will receive.  The committee will consist of the chair and at least 2 other church members, all appointed by the Trustees.  Annually, the Trustees will establish the total dollar amount to be awarded that year.


Applications for the scholarship awards will be accepted during the months of February and March each year.  A notice of the application period will be printed in the church bulletin and information will be available on the church’s website.  In order to be considered for an award, a completed application must be submitted by April 2, 2024.  Hard copies of the application and supporting documents are preferred for privacy and security of the information.

The Committee will be guided by the following:


  • Each applicant is to be a member of St. Pete First United Methodist Church unless the Scholarship Committee and the Senior Minister approve an exception. 

  • Priority will be given to applicants in the following order:

    • Ministerial students

    • Religious education majors

    • Students who intend to work in Christian service

    • Church members who are full time, undergraduate students attending college or trade school during the following school year

    • Church members who are graduate students or attending college or trade school on a part-time basis

  • Church activities, academic record and financial need of each applicant will be considered.  

  • Continuing students must submit a new application each year.  Having received a scholarship in the past is not a guarantee that another award will be given.

  • The committee will be mindful of the funds made available by the Trustees each year and will attempt to make equitable awards to as many applicants as possible.

  • The committee will strive to work quickly after the application deadline so that the award decisions are made by April 30 each year.

  • It is expected that individual annual awards will be in the range of $1,000-$3,000 but may vary from year to year.

  • Funds will be sent directly to the school for credit to the student’s account.

Revised 1/2024

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More United Methodist Scholarship Opportunities

United Methodist Church General Board of Higher Education & Ministry: The GBHEM Office of Loans and Scholarships offers financial aid to United Methodist students in the United States and abroad pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees. 

Sinclair Scholarship: The Sinclair Scholarship  provides scholarships for United Methodist students in Florida. The scholarship seeks to foster academic and spiritual growth for new generations of United Methodist church leaders.

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