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St. Pete First Leadership Teams

60 Leadership Team Meetings-Spring2024.jpg
Church Council Members:
Lay Members:

Chair: Jim Rowe
Church Treasurer: Mark McKeage
Lay Leader: Kerry O’Reilly
Lay Member to Annual Conference (AC): Gordon Norton
Lay Member to AC (Alternate): Kay Norton
Member at Large: David Abbey

Member at Large: Taylor Cheeseman
Membership Secretary: Cindy Ripley
Membership Secretary: Cindy Dudding
UWF Representative: Cindy Ripley
Chair- Staff-Parish Relations: Pam Campbell
Chair- Finance: Martha Little
Chair- Board of Trustees: Mike Leach

Chair- Learn Pillar: Lynn "Doc" Feaster

Chair- Serve Pillar: Robert Dinwiddie
Chair- Invite Pillar: Heather Bridge

Chair- Nurture Pillar: Pat Mason

Business Administrator (non-voting): Sharon Binder

Ministry Staff:

Senior Pastor: Bob Martin

Associate Pastor: Margaret Rountree

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