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Lenten Devotional: March 1, 2024

by Nancy Gainor

The End?

Carefully Jesus’ body is removed

from the cross that framed His death.

As friends begin the Jewish tradition

of preparation for burial, tears

stream and cries exude anguish.

Their adored companion, mentor,

teacher, rabbi, loved one is dead.

Wrapping the delicate linen strips around

the once vibrant body leaves then

feeling empty, extremely sad,

confused and exceedingly afraid.

The fragrance of myrrh and aloe

envelopes the air as they

reverently anoint His body.

Cradling Him in their arms,

they transport Jesus to

Joseph’s garden tomb.

Here a soft light filters through

the olive trees that shade this

quiet sanctuary of rest.

The dusty path leads the

private processional

to the clay structure

where a darkened doorway

reveals the damp, isolated

domain awaiting the perfect

Son of God.

As the stone seals the opening,

the distraught friends believe

hope is forgotten, all is lost.

When circumstances overwhelm you and it appears that hope has vanished, remember our Lord is by your side, holding your hand and leading you upon his path of light. Hope abounds in Him.


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