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Lenten Devotional: March 10, 2024

by Nancy Gainor

Treetop View 


Methodically, the wee man 

reaches for the sturdy branches 

that form a series of steps 

giving rise to the top of the tree. 

Surveying the horizon, he 

patiently awaits the arrival of 

Jesus. This pinnacle view allows 

the diminutive Zacchaeus an 

opportunity to witness the 

teachings of the infamous 

rabbi as he travels through 

Jericho-without encountering 

the obstacle of dense crowds. 

This solitary setting provides 

protection from the angry 

residents who loathe and 

accuse him of obtaining profits 

from hefty taxes required by the 

Roman Empire. Regarded as a  

thief, he is not even allowed to 

donate the funds considered 

to be stolen. Within his heart, 

Zacchaeus despises his profession 

but is obliged to continue which allows 

him financial independence. 

Tormented by inner conflict, 

Zacchaeus longs for 

peace and has come to seek 

counsel with the famed Jesus Christ. 

Approaching the sycamore tree, 

Jesus hesitates, gazes upward, 

and informs Zacchaeus that he 

will be staying for dinner at his home. 

Startled at the request, the tax 

collector shimmies down the 

tree, colliding with the dangling, 

lobed leaves and the spiked fruit 

clusters as the spectators scowl 

and complain. Overwhelmed 

by Jesus’ endorsement, he 

vows to give half of his 

possessions to the poor and 

pay back four times the amount 

to those he swindled. Pleased, 

Jesus responds, “Today salvation 

has come to this house, because 

this man too is a son of Abraham. 

For the Son of Man came to seek 

and save what was lost.” Christ 

saves us from ourselves. Invite 

him into your heart home today. 

Luke 19:8-9 


Does Christ dwell within your heart home this Lenten season? Lay down your burdens and regrets at his feet and experience the abundance of his mercy and grace. It is then that you will truly be filled with joy. 


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