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Youth: Levels

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Levels are a continuation from the Children's ministry but with a new focus. The Levels allow us to dig deeper into our faith and challenge ourselves. There are so many simple creative ways to explore the spiritual disciplines. This is a great way to start learning to practice the spiritual disciplines and bringing God into your everyday life.



Anyone who is or has been involved in sports, music, drama, and other skill-related activities knows that it takes discipline. The athlete or musician knows it takes discipline to make progress in a chosen competition. Some have natural ability and strong passion for what they wish to succeed in, but all of us recognize the roll of discipline in practices and rehearsals in order to achieve a higher level of competence.


Most of us will also agree that relationships likewise require discipline and cultivation in order to mature into deep, meaningful, lasting connections. These images of sports, music, drama, and relationships are helpful in understanding the role of discipline as we learn and grow in our spiritual lives.

“Practicing” spiritual discipline is a good way to put it since we can expect to improve with practice, we can expect a level of comfort in time and with repeated use, and we can expect a degree of satisfaction and improved strength because of it. After developing routines, the disciplines may not seem so out of the ordinary, but we also know that we will never “arrive”. The practice of spiritual disciplines will always be a work in progress.



Prayer - Meditation - Fasting - Study - Simplicity - Submission - Solitude - Service - Confession - Guidance - Celebration - Worship



You can work through all of these and they are very simple. Start anytime, and everyone is on their own journey. These are practices you will be doing on your own.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

More levels coming soon!



These are great prep into a deeper level of your faith and in the life of The WhereHouse Youth Ministry. Keep active in the Levels and The WhereHouse Discipleship Model to be active in trips, retreats, leadership and for the the overall growth of the youth program and your personal faith. The Levels are something in which everyone participates in the GROW stage. Remember they are simple.



Complete so many Levels by the end of a semester. Mystery trip: Here you come! We have had fun on mystery trips like, clear kayaking, indoor skydiving and more. Keep track by putting a selfie on the big wall! You can start at anytime: just jump right in. Everyone is on their own Level but we work on the same time frame. So, no matter The Level, everyone can Level Up!



Hand in each Level with questions answered and a selfie of you to hang on your frame. Hang a white bolt on The Blevel Flup Board under your photo and you are off.

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