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General Conference Update


Every four years the legislative body of the United Methodist Church (The General Conference) meets to determine the trajectory of our global church in ways of ministry, social principles and our focus in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. As many are aware, we have completed a period where some churches had decided to disaffiliate from the Denomination due to differences in Scriptural and Theological interpretations surrounding the understanding of human sexuality. The United Methodist Church’s General Conference this week has taken measures to ensure we remain a church of inclusivity, accepting all people within our churches without exception. It also means we United Methodists can now move forward focusing on Jesus’ call for us to make disciples in the words of what we call His “Great Commission” without continuous fractures over the topic of human sexuality. What I love most is, it affirms folks who may have different Scriptural or Theological interpretations can remain as one family in the church they love and seek and grow and love one another in the name of Jesus Christ.


The video below is from our Florida Bishop, Tom Berlin, who gave a very clear update after the conclusion of the May 1, General Conference meetings. I would encourage you to watch the video and understand God is doing a good work around the world through the people called Methodists.

I am so excited about our future and what God has in store for us through our vision here in St. Petersburg.   If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me or Pastor Margaret. 

— Pastor Bob


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